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Top 10 Beer Commercials: Commercial #1 (Hanh Beer, Funny)


I decided to do a top 10 beer commercials feature! Over the course of 10 days, one beer commercial will be posted at 10:00AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time. Specific enough? This is commercial number 1, which is a very funny Hahn beer commercial. Enjoy.

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If you know of any other good beer commercials, feel free to comment! It was hard to make a list of only 10 after all, since so many of them are very funny. Thanks and enjoy!

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  1. Comments  EC   |  Tuesday, 12 October 2010 at 10:30 PM

    There was a commercial a few years ago which started with a bewildered Satan wandering around his ice-covered hell. A little demon runs by and cackling, pelts Satan with a snowball. Satan raises his fist and shouts, “WHAT MAGIC IS THIS???” The camera pans up showing layers of earth and finally stops in a bar where Bob Smith (or something like that) has just bought a round. The commercial ends with Satan looking around as if to check that no one is watching and then extends his tongue to lick a frozen pole. I can’t remember which beer it was but the commercial remains the funniest one I’ve seen for any product

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