Today is Monday, 20th May 2024

The Sony Vaio VGN-Z51XG/B, VPCZ11X9E/B and VGN-Z51WG/B


Interested in an less expensive versions of the Z Series? Here is the information about them and how they compare to the new series! These ones will still run very welll so have no worries!

People always ask about the differences between models, so I am just giving the quick run down of these models:

  • The VPCZ11X9E/B uses the old Intel P8700 series processors, the x45 motherboard, as well as the older Nvidia 9300M video card with the Intel 4500MHD its hybrid system.
  • The Sony Vaio VGN-Z51XG/B uses the same technology as the VPCZ11X9E/B but has 3G capability.
  • The Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG/B uses the P9700 Processor, and the same older technologies that the VPCZ11X9E/B uses.
  • They will all benchmark/perform equally against the Vaio VGN-Z790 (P8800 Processor) and the Vaio VGN-Z890 (P9700 Processor).

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