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The Notorious Counterfeiter


I’m sure this article is going to be less-informative on how to make this fake money than some of you would like (lol juice!), but that’s just too bad. Anyway, this person made over 7 million USD using ink-jet printers–

Between November 2008 and May 2009, Albert Talton and his three co-conspirators were convicted of “forging or selling counterfeit obligations of the United States.” Talton was sentenced to nine years and two months in prison. The Secret Service put the total of all currency printed by Talton and successfully passed through March 2009 at $6,798,900—ultimately, both Talton and the authorities acknowledged that the sum was higher. “They agreed to keep it under 7 million,” Talton says. “I had bills out there after that—and then those weren’t even just the hundreds.” By the time Talton was arrested, his money had been circulated in every state in the nation and in nine foreign countries. Of all the phony currency that was confiscated, four examples will be filed in the steel drawers of the Specimen Vault. The rest will be burned by the Secret Service—all but four more bills. In his office in the U.S. courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, Mack Jenkins explains that he and his fellow prosecutor, Mark Williams, are awaiting delivery of two paired examples of Talton’s best work—a twenty and a hundred. These will be mounted and framed as souvenirs.

“So we will have our own,” Jenkins says. “It will be stamped COUNTERFEIT on the back, but it will be up on our walls.”

Williams smiles. “If we ever need some Popeyes,” he says, “we’ll crack the plaque and go buy some chicken.”

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