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Review: Logitech Z4

Author: DarkKnightH20

Let’s Begin

Today I thought I’d write a review on my recent purchase: Logitech Z4 2.1 Speakers. These sexy puppys are well-rated no matter where you go, but my places of choice for user reviews are Amazon and NewEgg, with NewEgg being more of a specialty focus rather than general user focus. Firstly, let’s go over what’s included in this set, as well as the specifications (all of which are taken from Logitech’s Z4 page here)–



  • Total RMS power: 40 watts RMS
    Satellites: 17 watts RMS (8.5 watts x 2)
    Subwoofer: 23 watts RMS
  • Total peak power: 80 watts
  • Frequency response: 35 Hz–20 kHz
  • Drivers:
    Satellites: 2-inch dome driver, 2-inch pressure driver
    Subwoofer: 8-inch pressure driver
  • Speaker dimensions (H x W x D, inches):
    Satellites: 9 x 3 x 3.75
    Subwoofer: 9 x 9 x 9.37
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >92 dB

  • Package Contents
    Speakers: 2 satellites, 1 subwoofer
    Cables: Power cord, color-coded audio cables
    Wired remote control
    User manual
    2-year limited warranty

    The specifications are top notch and it’s packed with everything you need, which is to be expected from Logitech. The speakers are attractive, baring the “Logitech” logo on the top and text saying “Z4” on the bottom. Here’s a picture of this sexy beast!

    Logitech Z4

    As you can see, the remote is fairly large (and corded), but that by no means is a con. The volume knob is enlarged to allow for quick and easy control. The bass knob starts off in the middle at 0, opposed to -X or +X. Locating the middle value is incredibly easy too (visuall and for blind people!), as Logitech intuitively made it so the knob will easily catch into place at the 0 value, creating a slight resistance only at that point. It’s hard to explain, but trust me, it’s leet. Also, since the remote IS using knobs, it allows for fine-tuning so that hitting the perfect volume or bass is a breeze. The remote has two 1/8th female jacks to allow people to plug-in headphones, as well as additional auxiliary devices. In previous speaker sets, the 1/8th connection(s) are generally on the speakers themselves, so this was new to me — but a good new. The way my speakers are setup in my room makes this connection placement much more convenient.

    Build Quality
    The build quality is high. The satellite speakers are tough, but there are no grills/covers over the three drivers so they are not kid proof. This isn’t a con, but a mere observation. I imagine a grill/metal mesh covering over it would be ugly as well…so there’s your trade-off for that! The subwoofer, on the other hand, does sport the mesh covering. This is a relief since the subwoofer usually sleeps on the floor where people have their feet. Angsty, teenage gamers have a tendency to throw a hissyfit if they get murdered in a FPS game, MMORPG, or any game really. These fits of vagina wining usually last for a while (until the person “rage quits” from their game) and may accompany the kicking of feet (uh oh, subwoofer is going to get hurt) and the swinging of arms. With the Logitech Z4, you will have defense against this type of angst (depending on how hard the kick, of course). Hopefully the person “raging out” will not have a power level “over 9000.” The remote control is built superbly as well and has 4 feet to help prevent sliding.

    All of the cables are detachable. Constantly, people are aggravated when the cables are embedded into each speaker and therefore are not detachable. Those picky people shall be pleased here. One gripe I had is that the satellite speaker cables aren’t very long. They’re long enough for a standard setup (subwoofer under desk), but you have your subwoofer to the side, it may be too long of a reach for one of the speakers. My subwoofer IS to the side. In fact, my subwoofer is sitting on top of another, bigger subwoofer that is apart of my 5.1 TV sound system (also connected to the computer) — and yes, the two subwoofers ARE mating and WILL produce subwoofer babies. Since the cables are RCA, getting a longer cable for one or both speakers is an incredibly simple, inexpensive matter. The cable on the remote control is very long and THICK. Thickness, to me, is a plug since the cable is stronger, but it can be a negative if you’re trying to run the cable through an already-crowded cable management hole via desk. This won’t be a problem for most people and as such should be viewed only as positive. Unfortunately, the RCA cables connecting to the satellite speakers are of standard thickness. This isn’t a con either since it’s to be expected, but I would enjoy extra thickness (does that sound wrong or is it just me?). People obsessing over cable quality can always purchase high-end, thick, protected cables if need be.

    Sound Quality
    How about the sound quality? Well, I’m not audiophile, but they sound perfect! My previous set was an old Altec VS2120 so this was a big step up. The sound is clear and crisp and the subwoofer booms like there’s no tomorrow. These speakers can get LOUD and do not sound tinny like some speakers do when raised to a high volume. There is no distortion and the subwoofer does not sound junky when even pushed to its limits. Though the Logitech Z4 isn’t Logitech’s high-end speakers, they certainly do not sound that way. Perfect for movies, gaming, and everything else.

    The price? Around $70 (including shipping) on Amazon. This is their standard, non-sale price. If these badboys ever go on sale, do yourself a favor and snag ’em! Keep in mind though that the stock can be limited so Amazon prices do fluctuate — sometimes pretty high too. This model is also being replaced by the next model up, the Logitech Speaker System Z523. It’s similar to the Z-4 and at the moment actually costs a lot less since the Z-4. You can see the prices and Amazon web pages below:

    Conclusion: Total leetness.

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