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Megaupload MU, Megashares MS, Rapidshare RS, Mediafire MF, DepositFiles DF, Auto CAPTCHA / Firefox Addon Download

Author: DarkKnightH20

Long title right? So recently Naota mentioned an addon for Firefox that was very cool especially if you do a lot of downloading on the internet. It’s called SkipScreen. So what’s so special about it?

Well, if you find yourself downloading files from any of the following places often, you’ll really love this addon–

• Rapidshare (don’t click! it’s automatic!)
• Megaupload (captcha action)
• Mediafire
• zShare (now with a “listen-first” option!)
• Sharebee
• DepositFiles
• Sendspace
• Divshare
• Linkbucks
• Link-protector

It will automatically fill in the CAPTCHA (when able to, works well for MegaUpload) and it will also automatically click the buttons required to get the download started. When the download is ready, which is usually after a count down of some sort, it will even start the download for you. Nifty, huh?

It is a good time saver. I often find myself forgetting about downloads during the count down process, and by the time I remember about them again, the download session has expired. This problem no longer occurs now that I use this script!

Get it Here. Simply click the “Add to Firefox” button to install it. I recommend using this addon with The Cavern Links Checker, which tells you what download links are dead on a webpage. It supports–,,,,,,,,,,,,,, enterupload,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gigasize, gigeshare,, + folders,,,,,,,,,, megaftp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Saveqube,,,,,,,,,, teradepot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Long list, huh? Download safely and responsibly! If you need an anti-virus, I recommend Avira. Here’s how to get it free for 3 months: 3 Free Months of Avira Premium Security Suite + License.

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    […] Also, for those who download from mirrors like the above often, check out this awesome, free Firefox addon — Megaupload MU, Megashares MS, Rapidshare RS, Mediafire MF, DepositFiles DF, Auto CAPTCHA + Auto Down…. […]

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