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How to Increase PHP.ini WordPress Upload Size Limit

Many users of WordPress would like to upload files that are greater than 2mb in size but are restricted from doing so. Do not worry, here is a tutorial on how to do it.

This article presumes that you already know how to find your PHP.ini file. If you do not know how to find your PHP.ini file, refer to the following article by reading the top part of the directions. This article will also explain how to edit it. Click here to learn how to find your php.ini file and increase your memory limit. You will need to know all this to increase you WordPress Upload Size Limit

If you are editing the file look for this line

upload_max_filesize = 2M

Edit the file to the amount you want. For example, 3M, 4M. Additionally if you have a field called “Max_Post_Size” you can change that as well. This will be the WordPress Upload Size Limit. The default WordPress Upload Size Limit is 2MB usually.

  1. Login to the server root
  2. Type in

    vi /usr/local/lib/php.ini

    If that is not the location of your php.ini file, type “vi” (NO QUOTES), press the spacebar, and then type in the correct location in the same format as above.

  3. Hit escape or clear the screen, and type the following and press enter


  4. Now clear the screen and press escape. Type the following and press enter:


    You should be taken to the upload max file size option.

  5. Enter “Insertion Mode” by press ” i ” on your keyboard. Edit the value from 2M (or whatever it may be) to a larger size.
    Note: To delete a character, use the back space.
  6. When you are done making changes, press escape or clear the screen.
  7. Type in the following command and press enter to save.


Additionally, you can drag your PHP.ini file into your wordpress intall’s root folder, and wp-admin. Do this only if the earlier fix was not enough. WordPress can read these files and change appropriately.

Reboot your apache server if you can. This will make the server read the new values if it wasn’t able to before.

Now you can upload more than 2MB / 2M / 2 Megabytes on WordPress!

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