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How to Get the Most Battery Life Out of Your Cell Phone

A lot of people have problems with battery life throughout the day with their cell phones. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve the life of your phone. It’s all very simple too.

— Disable bluetooth if your phone is capable of using it.
— Lower the screen brightness so that less battery is required
— Replace your battery with an enhanced, extra long-life, Extended Battery
— Do not charge your phone when you do not need to
— Disable WiFi capabilities of phone
— Limit taking pictures / movies / videos
— Do not use the vibration function, as it requires a lot of battery power
— If your phone has no reception, then turn it off, as searching for signal drains battery life fast
— On smartphones, do not run very many apps or widgets
— Do not use 2G, 3G, 4G, or any internet service on your phone
— Do not play games on your phone as they drain the battery life fast
— Do not use the flash function on your camera
— Do not let the battery contact points get dirty, as it may disrupt the charge
— Only charge your phone through a charger plugged in a surge protector to prevent possible dangerous power surges that hurt battery life and/or the charger
— Do not allow your phone / battery to sit in the sun or be exposed to too cold of weather
— Do not get the battery wet with water or any other fluids
— The less processing done on your smart phone, the better the battery life

Get an Extended Battery at this link and modify the search phrase to include the model of your phone.

These are pretty simple suggestions to increase your battery life duration. They’re all obvious. Hopefully it’ll shed light on the little things people should do to get the most out of their cellphone battery life!

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