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Game Fixes: Fable III (crashes, freezing, lagging, black screen, etc)

Fable III Game FixesThis Lionhead Studios game Fable III is now available to the PC! While it has been on the Xbox 360 for ages, it only was released to PC users in the last couple days.

It’s an excellent RPG, but it didn’t transfer so well to the PC, as it is a Xbox360 port after all.

That doesn’t mean you have to put up with all the problems often littered within ports. We can help you fix these Fable III game problems so that the game runs more natively.


“You cannot join this game because you do not have the same downloadable content as the host”

Unfortunately, to get passed this annoyance you have to ensure that you both truly have the same files — DLC and all. The other person must uninstall the DLC — or you must — in order to play together. HOWEVER, this may cause the saved game data to be unusable…So you may have to start over then. This wasn’t a problem in Fable 2 oddly enough.


Game is Laggy / Low Performance

This is a console port from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions so low performance and lag is a byproduct of bad porting. The low frames per second (FPS) is to be expected in this regard, but that doesn’t mean we cannot help improve or raise the FPS or lower the amount of lagging! The lag or stuttering that occurs is most frequently experienced in towns or areas with many NPCs. Some people suspect there is a memory leak with this game as well, but that is NOT the cause for the lag or poor performance. Some tips to help troubleshoot this problem and increase the FPS:

— Turn OFF VSYNC through the game menu and instead run it / force V-SYNC on through your graphics card (GPU) Control Panel (NVIDIA Control Panel or ATI Catalyst Control Center)! This will help bypass the 30fps cap / limit and get rid of some of the blurring!
— Similar to the above suggestion, try enabling TRIPLE BUFFERING through your video cards control panel after lowering in-game options (like mentioned below). A recommended program for games that use Direct3D that will allow you to enable VSYNC for your monitors refresh rate and Triple Buffering is D3DOverrider (for NVIDIA cards)
— Turn down through the effects slider — blur, antialiasing (AA), bloom shader / shadder effect, Depth of Field (DoF)
— Turn down the tree texture details from high / max to medium
— If you use NVIDIA 3D VISION, then uninstall it! The NVIDIA 3D-Vision driver component is notorious for causing significant drops in performance!
— Turn off shadows. Alternatively, if you wish to keep shadows ON, then you may want to also keep VSYNC enabled as shadows can act up depending on your settings. Experiment and find out what works best for you!


Game is Stuck on Preload / Locked

If your game won’t unlock or is having the error message “This game is currently unavailable. Please try again at another time” then there’s not much that can be done other than contacting Steam Support. If anyone else has a solution for this, let us know! You may end up having to just download the game. This is most common when you get the game outside of your own region, such as if someone gives it to you as a gift. It’ll show Pre-load as an option instead of Play. Note that this is most common during the initial release date and hopefully will decline as time passes.


Steam Stuck Decrypting Game

Annoyingly enough, and as with every game downloaded through Steam, you may be experiencing the typical problem where the Steam decryption process is stuck at a percentage. You can try downloading / redownloading the game to attempt to fix the decrypt problem. You can also try downloading from a different server / area.


Save File Corrupted

For whatever reason, some people are running into problems where their save / saved game data become corrupted and no longer works. I recommend making manual backups of your saved games for the time being until a patch addresses the issue of corruption. Save twice in the save room just in case! And avoid ALT TAB (tabbing out of the game Window). Just a FYI on the location / path of the save files…
C:\\Users\\USERNAME\\Saved Games\\Lionhead Studios\\Fable 3
They’ll be in a folder with random numbers and letters. I recommend making copies of this folder every now and then on the off chance you do get a corruption in your save file.


How to Disable / Remove or Lower the Blur Effect

Perhaps one of the most unwelcomed game effects used often in Fable Three is its over usage of the blur affect. It helps people not notice the frames per second cap.
— Set your effects level to “Reasonable”
— Turn off VSYNC


Mouse Doesn’t Work

If your mouse isn’t working, then it could be from a 3rd party program interfering with it. Xfire is known to cause problems with Fable 3, oddly enough. Close xfire if you have it open and then reopen the game.


“Fable 3 / Fable III Main Executable Has Stopped Working” / Runtime Error / Crashes to Desktop (CTD / C2D) / Fail (Failure) to Launch / Black Screen

When running the EXE, you may encounter this error message randomly in regards to Fable3.exe causing an APPCRASH. It may be related to XLIVE.DLL or your save files being in the wrong location. Of course, it could be related to the Windows Live ID Sign-in or some other problems. This also happens after obtaining the guild seal sometimes or even several other things. Try the following:

— Download and Install Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5 choosing between the 64bit and 32bit versions depending on your Windows operating system
— Try to register your xlive.dll by going to Start -> Run — cmd — then type in REGSVR32 /u C:\\path\\to\\the\\xlive.dll
— Run the Fable 3 exe in Windows XP compatibility Service Pack 3 (SP3) mode, Launcher, as well as Steam and any other related file
— Close any program that could possibly interfere with the game or its components (i.e. a firewall)
— Go to the Control Panel and choose uninstall/reinstall and choose REPAIR
— Reinstall / Repair Games For Windows Live / GWL
— Reboot your computer
— Reinstall Microsoft Games for Windows and Windows Live Essentials (GFWL / GWL / WLE). You can repair Microsoft Life Essentials via the Control Panel instead, but try reinstalling completely if that does not work.
— Try logging into the Games for Windows Marketplace before launching / opening Fable 3
— After reinstalling GFWL, copy the xlive.dll from C:\\Windows\\System32 and paste it in \\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\fable 3\\ to fix the xlive.dll error. Try registering it if necessary with the CMD from above.

Note: That you should run things in admin / administrative mode! Issues with crashing are sometimes from lack of permissions, which doesn’t occur under administrator mode so try that if you experience a crash.


Cannot Redeem Code / “Can’t retrieve information from LIVE. Please try again later. Status Code: 800700e8”

Try these steps to solve the error:
— Disable your Firewall
— Download Windows Games Marketplace
— Sign in to your account and redeem the code! You can then download the items.


Computer Hardware / System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4000+
HDD: 12 GB free disk space
Graphics: 256 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c

Recommended System Requirements
OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7
CPU: Core to Duo 2.9 GHz
HDD: 12 GB free disk space
Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c

Supported Graphics Cards:
Minimum – NVidia 7600GT or ATI HD 2600 Pro
Recommended – Nvidia 260GTX 896MB or ATI 5770 1GB or higher
Fable 3 Gameplay HD Video

This game plays fine in a crossfire / xfire and SLI configuration. A hotfix for NVIDIA and ATI cards may be around the corner to help them handle this game with more optimization and ease.


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  4. Comments  Brian   |  Sunday, 22 May 2011 at 3:37 PM

    I get over 100 fps on average and over 70 fps in towns with every setting maxed and vsync off. I think the problem is people trying to game on 5 year old walmart pc’s and expecting to be able to play new games on high settings with great framerate.

    I7 950 @ 3.7 GTX 570sc

  5. Comments  drino   |  Monday, 23 May 2011 at 5:54 PM

    playing one 470GTX,Core2Duo OC 3.2GHZ, 4GO DDR2 RAM.
    I can play all recent game, but fable freeze too much for me

  6. Comments  rofl   |  Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at 2:20 AM

    “walmart pc’s” LOL nice one kid, this is a game designed for consoles that are made of hardware 6+ years old

    what you listed there, the cpu on your computer alone is worth more than what the consoles are running at

    stupid kids like you buy 1500$ computers solely because youre an entitlement ****** who wants to sit and brag about it online, i can run crysis 2, witcher 2 with high FPS, this game lags like dog ****, and looks like dog ****, its poorly made.

  7. Comments  drino   |  Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at 4:12 PM

    The game look littre bit better after update

    PS: cost of my computer : 500 € (without mouse and keybord^^)

  8. Comments  pat   |  Wednesday, 25 May 2011 at 4:59 AM

    thanks for the useful inso

  9. Comments  Brian   |  Thursday, 26 May 2011 at 10:59 PM

    Im having issues with the game just freezing on me. The sound continues to play, but i lose all control and have to force quit the game. Any Ideas?

  10. Comments  John   |  Saturday, 28 May 2011 at 11:30 PM

    well Rofl Said it and i agree Brian while you were spending that money on your crappy PC your mom was Under my desk making mine run faster muahahahahaha.

  11. Comments  Brian L   |  Sunday, 29 May 2011 at 12:33 PM

    sorry for any confusion, I’m a different Brian than the one that posted on May 22nd. Anyway, I am having an issue with the game freezing on me at random times in certain places/ quests. Does anyone have a solution? I know its not a system requirements issue

  12. Comments  3DiDgEtZ   |  Thursday, 02 June 2011 at 1:35 PM

    This game lags on everything. im running it on core i7, Ati R5970, 6 gig 2000mhz ram.

  13. Comments  Bisky   |  Sunday, 12 June 2011 at 9:13 PM

    Im not experiencing lagging issues when they are maxed. I just get random crashes after a hour or so of playing. then after 3 or 4 or so crashes it’ll say its corrupted and i cant open it… very annoying….

  14. Comments  Gemma   |  Saturday, 18 June 2011 at 12:52 PM

    Tried the ‘Main Executable has stopped working…’ solution and it still frequently crashes, especially if I’m trying to get to Silverpines, Bowerstone Old Quarter and Sunset House. these three locations always crash my game and it’s driving me nuts. Also trying to load a previous same game will result in this crash. Lionhead MUST bring out a patch for this!

  15. Comments  RealityCheck   |  Saturday, 25 June 2011 at 11:38 AM

    Games are not made for old PC’s, but I play all my games on max settings well for one thing how old are these games. Allot of new games made not only require a good card, but a good CPU together giving an excellent game play experience. One thing that isn’t a good system is any store bought one all the PC, and laptops on sale are old-stock and far from high end; and most users get either Tier 2 if there lucky, but more then likely tier 3 graphic cards. OK so your system works fine until it runs one of these new games well if you up graded your card but didn’t do the same to your power source then there’s one example of the reason a great game isn’t working on your system; so no matter what you say about a game the majority of the time most users are ignorant of the fact their system just isn’t cut out for anything better then solitaire.

  16. Comments  THEfog   |  Sunday, 10 July 2011 at 3:45 AM


    Perhaps you should play less games, and focus more on your lack skill in the English language.

  17. Comments  GRRR   |  Tuesday, 12 July 2011 at 7:49 AM

    these types of “it’s the complicated plus crappy pc systems you own” comments, almost suggesting go get our miracle xbox with all its’ invisible alienhardware that will suddenly bring your games to live, but only on live(tm), seem to flourish(imo its marketing agents redundantly trying to take the lead in discussion or maybe something more sophisticated like oev – earnest voice). the big onlinegaming business wants to be under controll and that will work best with consoles you dont have controll of. your pc has to get ripped apart into at least a mp3player, a tv, a storagesolution,etc but not all in one without having you to pay at least on a monthly basis. its a shame how ms f*** lionhead in the head on this and utilizing fable3 to open their onlinegamingmarket, thats feelable more comfortable on a managed system as we might see. consumers who support this:cattle – developers who support this:puppets

  18. Comments  Abdalla maher   |  Tuesday, 26 July 2011 at 5:44 AM

    i got 0x80096010 error .. at the phase when the windows configures the game … !?

  19. Comments  Woody7833   |  Monday, 30 January 2012 at 6:29 PM

    a lot of people think its their pc but i found out that its the game causing the problems. it doesnt have the support for new video card drivers. im running 2 evga geforce gtx 260 cards in sli mode and a amd fx 4100 processor. i can play skyrim on high settings no problem but i can not play this game unless i install my original video card drivers.

  20. Comments  weq   |  Tuesday, 21 August 2012 at 12:35 PM

    FUCCCCK dis!!

  21. Comments  shu_lavi   |  Wednesday, 13 February 2013 at 7:42 AM

    help 🙁
    i’ve installed this fable 3 game, but when i launched it the screen turn black and there’s only a pointer -__-
    can anyone help? i dont understand

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