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Dorm & Apartment Guide: Dryer Balls

Author: Naota
Product: Dryer Balls
Cost: $5 to $15 depending on solution (Subject to change)
Availability: Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond,  Suntek store,  etc.
Date: 09/19/2009

Reviewer Background Information: I purchased this product my first week in my new apartment. I also am currently at 4th year at the University of Virginia.

Dryer Balls Can Dry Items Faster

Dryer Balls Can Dry Items Faster

This product is great to use in conjunction with the Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets, if you live in an apartment or a school dorm. See my Purex Complete 3-in1 Laundry Sheets Review . Now let’s get started.

As someone living in an apartment, and as a student, it is hard to have time to constantly do laundry. This is even more so when you have to pay out $1.50 to use the

public washing machines, and then another $1.50 to use the public dryers. Are the dryer machines here high quality? – Hardly. Do you think you there is a chance you might have to run the dryer twice to actually dry your clothes? – You betcha. You can already see how a solution to dry your clothes could save you money in the long run.

I bought a pair of dryer balls after reading a review at AOL on “As Seen on TV Products.” The dryer balls’ positive rating and five sentence description enticed me to buy them. Now I will share my discoveries with you in a more detailed manner than they did. Now let’s move on to the pros and cons.

Dryer Balls Fluff Clothes

Dryer Balls Fluff Clothes


  • Effectively Reduces Dryer Time
  • Can Fluff Clothing
  • Is Inexpensive
  • Can Easily Save You Money After a Few Weeks.
  • Saves Energy
  • Is Reusable
  • Can Reduce Static (Depending on Version)
  • Makes a Good Dog Chew Toy
  • Can Handle a Large Batch of Clothes
  • Becomes More Effective with More Balls
  • Can Soften Clothing
  • Can Reduce Clumping and Knotting of Clothes
  • Saves Electricity


  • Does Not Work on Small Loads of Clothes
  • Sometimes Two Balls Just Don’t Cut It (6-8 seems to be a magic number)
  • Quality of Drying Varies Per Brands
  • Quality of Balls Varies Per Brands (Some Break Easily)
  • Not Recommended for Extra Sensitive Clothes
  • Some Versions Increase Static
  • Can Make Loud Clunking Sound in Dryer
As Seen on TV Dryer Balls

As Seen on TV Dryer Balls

As Seen on TV -  Anti-Static Dryer Balls

Anti-Static Dryer Balls

This product has been effective for me. The balls I have used are the “As Seen on TV Dryer Balls. I have also used the “As Seen on TV Dryer Balls With Anti-Static Pads.” Both of which are shown in the photos here. Mind you that there are two versions of the Anti-Static Balls. I have used these ones.



If you do not wish to spend as much money on dryer balls, there are other alternatives out there. The main alternative would be to use other soft, non-damaging ball that can allow air to travel through all of your clothing while drying. I wouldn’t recommend fruit.

Tennis Balls Dry Too

Tennis Balls Dry Too

I would recommend using Tennis Balls. This solution has even been recommended by Martha Stewart. Tennis Balls are very cheap and come in large quantities so you can increase drying effectiveness.

I would like to note that the dryer balls are covered in little plastic spikes. This allows the balls to effectively move and “pick up” clothing during the drying cycle. All tennis balls can do is bounce and rub against them.

Well that is it for this review. If you have any more questions about these balls feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.

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