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Tesla Releases Video Teasing Possible Model S Refresh and Model Y


Tesla released a fun two-minute video detailing its various ongoing efforts. With this video, lots of hints and easter eggs were dropped. Let’s go through them now.

What’s under the covers?! Model Y or a Model S refresh?

Tesla has hinted that they have been working on the Model Y. That being said, Elon said that they are in the early design stages and have not spent a “significant amount of money” on it yet. This could lead some to believe that this is a Model S refresh. The Model S has been largely unchanged since it debuted in 2012, aside from the removal of the front fascia and some interior tweaks. It is certainly overdue and competition in this segment is starting to heat up.

Tesla Model Y or Model S Refresh

Dual Motor Performance Edition Model 3

You can see the infamous matte black Model 3 again in this video… but something is different! This Model 3 is driving through an empty factory with red calipers. Red calipers have been Tesla’s way of marking the performance models of their S and X vehicles. Does this mean the dual motor, performance model 3 is almost here? Tesla estimated dual motor to be ready sometime in July if they stay on schedule. I guess we will find out soon!

Model 3 Dual Motor Performance Edition

Model 3 Dual Motor Performance Edition

Tesla Semi hype

The Tesla Semi has been quietly being developed in the background as of late. Tesla is already using it to transport between its factories and has been demonstrating it to customers. Nothing new here but it is great to see it.

Tesla Semi Hype

Tesla Semi Hype

Roader 2.0 interior, and Roadster Performance Hype!

The video shows the inside of a vehicle. It is a minimal design like the model 3 but with a different center tablet and a unique steering wheel. Could this be the interior of the roadster?! L

Tesla Roadster 2 Interior

Tesla Roadster 2 Interior

Lastly, the video ends with everyone going on their Roader 2.0 test drives with someone staying “holly s***”. Great way to end a video.

Not much is known right now, but Elon is great at dropping hints on his twitter. It is an exciting time for electric vehicles so stay tuned.

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