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Update on HTC Touch Pro 2 and Samsung Moment – ATSC Tuner Antenna


The review / comparison / vs article: HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Hero, or Samsung Moment? has been updated with more information! It has a info and a picture about an ATSC tuner for the Samsung Moment has been added, as well as software update information on both the HTC Touch Pro 2 and Samsung Moment. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in those two awesome smartphones!

Review and Comparison Between:HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Hero, & Samsung Moment


There are three popular smart phones that many people are choosing between. This includes the HTC Touch Pro 2, the HTC Hero, and the Samsung Moment. The Palm Pre didn’t make my list, sorry. Compare these phones! Hopefully it’ll help some of those who need to make a decision on what phone to upgrade to.


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