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OCZ Vertex 5 Release Date


OCZ Vertex 5If you know Solid State Drives, chances are you have heard of OCZ and their Vertex SSD drives. These drives promise monsterous performance. OCZ will be releasing their Vertex 5 this May (2013) so be sure to check back for so you can pre-order / buy the Vertex 5. Chances are that it will be a Barefoot 3 platform.

Crucial RealSSD C300 Series Solid State Drive Review


The Crucial RealSSD C300 2.5″ SATA III MLC series is absolutely AMAZING. There are 3 different models:

CTFDDAC256MAG-1G1 (256gb version)
CTFDDAC128MAG-1G1 (128gb version)
CTFDDAC064MAG-1G1 (64gb version)

The Sustained Sequential Read speed is 355MB/sec (SATA 6gbs) & 265MB/sec (SATA 3gbs), whereas the Sustained Sequential Write is 75MB/sec (SATA 6gbs & SATA 3gbs). Check out more info on it Crucial RealSSD C300 Series review.

Corsair Force Series 3 SSD Release Date


Corsair’s Force Series 3 Solid State Drives have been getting quite a bit of attention. These drives sport the Sandforce SF 2281 Controller and promise speeds up to 550MB/S Read and Write Speeds of 520MB/S. They even run with an IOPs of 85,000K! How does this compare to the Vertex 3 and Vertex 3 MAX IOPS Edition? Well it’s about 30,000k more IOPS – click the article for additional about those respective drives.

These drives will be out later this month, and look to potentially de-throne the infamous Vertex 3 drives that have been obliterating all other solid state drives in real-world tests and benchmarks.

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