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Neat Solar Printer


So imagine you had an art project due the next week and you hadn’t started a damn thing. You also happened to be studying in/next to the desert. This printer will, meeting all the above conditions, solve your problems immediately. Not only does it use the Sun’s power to operate the printing motion, but it will also melt sand into the glass required for printing. After that, stick in a design from a 3D modeling program for anything from an ornate bottle to a full figurine of the Venus de Milo and bam, you’re done.

Well, that said, the printer’s not quiiiite at the level of reproducing the Venus de Milo yet. Wait a couple years for that one.

See the original article here.

MIT Professor Can Solve World’s Energy Problem Using Pools of Water


Dan Nocera, a professor at MIT, believes that he can solve the entire world’s energy problems using an Olympic-sized pool of water. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

Basically, they use the power of the sun to split the water and store the energy, thus making a large amount of solar energy available to use. Gotta love solar energy mixed with water, formally known as aqua! Reminds me of a post I made awhile back called Nintendo DS Lite With Solar Panels – DIY, which was a guide to show you how to allow your Nintendo DS to charge itself using solar power.

Anyway, check out the video on solving the world’s energy problem using pools of water:

This energy is good for personalized energy. Maybe it’ll come to fruition sometime in the near future.


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