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Special Antibodies to Fend Off HIV


Recently, NIH researchers discovered antibodies that are capable of neutralizing majority of the different types of HIV. It’s because of 3 different types of proteins (VRC01, VRC02, VRC03) that are created from B cells. These proteins generally begin show up only some time after the person has been infected with the virus, and therefore it is too late.

However, scientists may very well be able to utilize their power in an attempt to combat HIV through a vaccine. Through some tests, it was discovered that two of the antibodies (VRC01, VRC02) neutralized 91% of 190 different HIV isolates tested, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. Hopefully the elimination rate can be raised to 100%!

Source: Scientific American

Text On Types of Tea and Health Benefits


Sounds really interesting, right? Good! You should read it then. I thought it was interesting to see a comparison between Types of Teas and their Health Benefits so I wrote an article after researching it. I drink tea all the time. You guys should too. It makes you cool.


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