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Belated Game Reviews: Mass Effect 2


Review: Mass Effect 2

Platform: Xbox 360, PC, PS3 (to be released)

Release Date: January 2010 (360 and PC), TBD (PS3)

Format: DVD, Blu-Ray (soon)

So I’ve somehow gone for months not having added a review of Mass Effect 2 on here, and since the release date, added DLC packs have complicated any narrative I might want to spin by adding additional content onto the core game. So, attempting to take that all into account, where does the game stand on this very, very belated review? Well, let’s put it this way: you’d better be looking for a GOTY edition of Mass Effect 2 or something, because the amount that the DLC packs add on is quite significant. In fact, going back to a copy of the core unvarnished game feels pretty hollow in comparison because once you’d had a taste of the expanded universe and options that the DLC brings, well, it’s just really impossible to feel the same way.


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