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Some Advice For A Rare Population


For all the guy gamers with girlfriends (shocker!! no? not so much?), here’s a recent article from IGN detailing some of what to and what not to do when introducing your significant other to one of your passions.

Needless to say, your other passion should probably be her. Anyways, just read this guide which should really be “How not to cockblock yourself with a console”.

From the article (by Clara Barraza of IGN AU no less, so she’s giving out genuine advice just by virtue of the different pronoun I have to use):

Let’s be blunt: girls don’t have a reputation for being enthusiastic gamers. Aside from the revered few ‘gamer-girls’ out there, your everywoman probably thinks a PSP is something you need to be tested for. So in the name of peace and love, here are ten tips on how to get your girlfriend more involved in playing games with you, whatever you might want that to mean…

See the original article here.

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