Today is Wednesday, 17th July 2024

So I was going to write a Mass Effect 3 Review…


Picard: WTF is this shit?
And then I finished the game. It ends with the Internet exploding.

In all seriousness, the past week has been filled with messages of abject disappointment and naked rage (sometimes by actual naked people) over on every forum dedicated to Mass Effect 3 discussions, but none has been buzzing more than the BioWare Social Network Forums over the ending to Mass Effect 3, where a not insignificant fraction of the player population has been posting almost every second of the day to the point that a full campaign has emerged to protest the ending. Child’s Play, a notable charity for children involving video gaming, has been the recipient of over $45,000 in donations from people who are angry for the children (I’m not kidding).

And naturally, I do not want to touch this with a six-foot pole. I’m still trying to figure out what in the hell happened in the ending.

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