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Rosetta Stone Review, Discount, and Demo


Rosetta Stone Review. Do you want to learn a new language? Not sure what the best way to go about learning it is? Well you could take a class, you could go to the country, you could buy a book or a tape. One of the most popular and effective offerings for starting your language learning is Rosetta Stone. Just recently, they launched a brand new version of their language software.

Rosetta Stone TOTALe Rosetta Course

Rosetta Stone TOTALe Rosetta Course

This new version, called Rosetta Stone v4 TOTALe promises many more effective ways to learn languages over its predecessor, version 3.0.

You can read our review of Rosetta Stone v4 TOTALe here as we tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of this award-winning solution.

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