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Radar detectors on phones?


Yes, its called Trapster and it works like this: Go to the Web site, and sign up for a free membership. Then download the Trapster software to your cell phone or PDA. Tenereillo said that most current-generation cell phones, Blackberries and other PDA’s can accommodate the Trapster software.  Then, you’re ready to hit the road. And once you’re tooling down the highway, if you spot a state trooper or city cop lying in wait with a radar gun or laser unit, you just need to punch in “pound one” on your cell phone — or dial a toll-free number. Other users are then alerted on their cell phones or PDA when they approach the same trap.

It works with the Twitter stream so all information is realtime.  And yes, even 10 minutes of an information delay can ruin your day.

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