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OCZ Vertex 3 Freezes, Locks Up, Stutters and Crashes


Greetings my fellow Vertex 3 owners. After waiting endlessly for the Vertex 3, I was finally able to get a hold of it! Quality Control issues aside, there are people experiencing freezing, crashing, lockups and stuttering. I know I experienced these problems.

OCZ Vertex 3 Released

The Vertex 3 is indisputably the fastest Solid State Drive to this date. But users have been experiencing freezes, lock ups, crashes and more. After experiencing the problem myself and conducting a lots of research, I was able to come up with several steps to fix the OCZ Vertex 3 Freezes, Lock-ups, crashing and stuttering. You can read the guide on how to fix the OCZ Vertex 3 Freezing, Lockups, and Crashing here. You all will be able to optimize the Vertex 3 too by following those steps.

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