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OCZ StealthXstream II 700W deal


So I was looking for a decent but cheap PSU to mess around with for a custom sound system project (more on that later), and the PSU I got from DiabloTek rated for 650W worked in testing stages, but failed during actual usage. That psu was $35 at Microcenter, but its sorta a new brand and not reputable yet.

Anyways, found this deal on Newegg:
An OCZ StealthXstream II rated at 700W for $35 after MIR
Orig $96.99
-$17.00 instant
-$35.00 Mail-in-rebate
-$10.00 EMCKGHE74 Promo code (ends 3/31)
$0.00 Shipping
Total after rebate: $34.99

Better hurry, 2 days till deal ends, apologies for not posting earlier.

It’s a mainstream powersupply, and only rated 80 Plus, but this is a killer deal at this price. Sure OCZ’s slow with rebates, but its still good!

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