Today is Friday, 12th July 2024

Obligatory FUS RO DAH post


So, lacking dragon heritage, magical dragon language, dragon souls, dragons in general, magic in general; just HOW do you achieve FUS RO DAH!?

Science has an answer. Always.

Why this is funny:
“Fus Ro Dah” is the fully powered version of the Unrelenting Force dragon shout in TES V: Skyrim. Its basic purpose? Send your target flying like a ragdoll with, as it so happens, unrelenting force. Don’t look for a portable version of this feat coming to your local con anytime soon; the person who pulls it off is likely going to be swamped with job offers from defense contractors. Also reminding you that anything you can do in Skyrim, scientists can do it better. As in they can actually do it. Probably. With more gibbing and lawsuits, realistically.


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