Today is Friday, 24th May 2024

NFL Regular Season Begins!


It’s that time of year, and despite our geekiness here on GM, we still love football…well, most of us do. My favorite sport out of all proffesional leauges, the NFL is something that somewhat pays almage to the gladiatorial games of yore, and somehow still makes some of the games come out in near mythical fashion. If you ever watch “NFL Films” you know what I’m talking about. 😀

To know where our fanbase lies: Naota and DarkknightH20 are both New York Giants fans (by proxy), while SirSunkist, Foose Arts and I are all Washington Redskins fans. Since the teams are in the same division, the tough NFC East, us 3 wage war again the other 2, causing such calamity that will probably destroy this site…hopefully not though.

So, from an hour from now, the season will kick off with the Pittsburg Steelers (Current NFL champs of 08) against the Tennessee Titans (Best Regular Season Record of ’08). Should be a goodie. So from all of us at Geek Montage: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!

32 teams play for; only 1 can win: The Vince Lombardi Trophy

32 teams play for; only 1 can win: The Vince Lombardi Trophy

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