Today is Friday, 12th July 2024

New Transistor Type for Man-Machine Interfacing? Cybernetic AUGMENTATIONS!?


News out of the University of Washington today: scientists have created a new type of transistor that works off of, instead of electrons like all electronics do today, protons, the positively charged particles in the centers of atoms that don’t normally get places apart from neutrons or outside of electron orbits. Working inside the human body, the electro-chemical processes that power communication between our brains and our limbs is a mix of both electrons and protons, negative and positive charges flying about respectively. With this development, it may be possible to create systems that can fully communicate between flesh stump and advanced cybernetic limb.

It’ll probably look something like this (skip to 1:00 for the start of the groovy carnage):

Odds are you’ll be getting the fruits of this research project from this site down the road.

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