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New State of the Art Digital Vending Machine – The Acure


Japan, the vending machine capital of the world, has released a new vending machine that is sure to turn heads!

Behold the Acure Digital Vending Machine.

Acure Digital Vending Machine

Feel like you are being watched? You are! The Acure has a camera on it that allows it to detect people and act accordingly. The Acure Vending Machine uses state of the art 47″ touch screen with a high resolution display. It features advertisements for drinks and will beckon customers to come look at its products.

Acure Digital Vending Machine

Not only does it detect people, it detects their age, and gender as well. Advertisements vary depending on the date, time, person and location. This is an advanced type of advertising that provides “intelligent marketing” towards customers.

Acure Digital Vending Machine

Customers are able to click on an item that are interested in and can get a zoomed in look. This machine is absolutely awesome!

Acure Digital Vending Machine

The company plans to release around 500 of these vending machines in the future. Expect to see it spread dramatically by next year. Will the U.S. get these? I highly doubt it, but it would be a cool thought!

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