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New Core i7 and Core i5 Released (1156 Socket)


Intel just recently released their new Core i7 processors that use the 1156 socket. The three processors are available at Newegg and the prices below reflect the price that they were being sold for when this was posted.

Processor Core i7 860 Core i7 870 Core i5 750
Socket 1156 Socket 1156 Socket 1156 Socket
Price $299.99 $579.99 $209.99
Manufacturing Process 45 nm Lynnfield 45 nm Lynnfield 45 nm Lynnfield
Speed 2.8GHz 2.93GHz 2.66GHz
Cache 8MB Level 3 8MB Level 3 8MB  Level 3
Turbo Speed 3.46GHz 3.60GHz 3.20GHz
Hyper Threading? Yes Yes No
Cores Four Four Four
Memory Controller Dual Channel Dual Channel Dual Channel

The difference between the i7 800 series and the i7 900 series, besides the socket pin-count (i7 900 series is 1366) is that the 900 series has a tri-channel memory controller, and the Core i7 940/950/965/975 have unlocked multipliers, whereas the 800 series does not.

The main difference between the i7 860 and 870 is that the 860 has a multiplier that is one step lower than the i7 870 – which hardly justifies for such a large price difference.

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  1. Comments  DarkKnightH20   |  Wednesday, 09 September 2009 at 5:21 PM

    Expensive. Definitely not buying ’em. The only thing good about this (to me) is that the previous models well have their price lowered.

  2. Comments  Naota   |  Wednesday, 09 September 2009 at 7:47 PM

    Not really actually. Since they are different sockets and are targeting different users, there shouldn’t be a big price difference.

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