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National Geographic Makes Floating House


Inspired by Pixar’s Movie “Up!”, the good old folks at National Geographic took on the challenge of trying to make a house float as part of their new series, “How hard can it be?” expected to air later this fall.
Disney and Pixar Movie - Up

This test took place at a private airport in Las Angeles, California. During this test, the house was actually able to reach an altitude over 10,000 feet.

Floating House 1

To give you an idea of what had to go into this, the house was 16ft x 16ft x 18ft (width,length,height) and as was hollow (no furniture, or windows – thankfully ) and not tied down to the foundation. To accomplish this goal, 300 (yes three HUNDRED) 8-foot weather balloons were used to lift the house. This feat actually beats the current record for largest balloon cluster flight attempted.

You can see additional images of this amazing feat below.

Congrats on the accomplishment. I look forward to seeing what other crazy things will be done on this show.

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