Today is Saturday, 13th July 2024

Nan Flanagan on Trueblood is….


Don’t over think this…

Nan Flanagan from True Blood get featured in Candy Magazine

Okay so here is a the magazine article.

Candy Magazine

That is Nan Flanagan right? Well let’s see her with all that makeup off now. I am going to make this suspenseful so you have to hit the more button. It will BLOW YOU MIND and make you wonder what makeup does these days.

Ta da

James Franco

I am sure you are all wondering what just happened. The person on the cover of Candy Magazine was none other than James Franco from Spiderman! That’s right. As part of promoting the magazine, James Franco has participated in some more dramatic work these days. And for the record, James Franco is a straight male who does not do drugs, despite popular belief on both.

This fun exercise was brought to you today by Tosh.0.

And for the record… they are two different people, but the resemblance is uncanny.


– ナオ太 (Naota)

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