Today is Friday, 19th April 2024

Modern Warfare Bunnies


Found this Japanese CG series online, “Cat Shit One”. In a nutshell, Modern Warfare with anthropomorphic animals instead of people. This isn’t Saturday morning kid show crap though, this is actually pretty well done and funnily enough the opening presentation kinda resembles the beginning of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

“Cat Shit One” is based off of a three-volume manga series by Motofumi Kobayashi of the same name, although the manga was released in the United States under the name “Apocalypse Meow“. The setting of the manga was originally the Vietnam War, and the nationalities involved in the conflict were all given animal stand-ins (making for a uniquely Japanese form of hilariously innocent political incorrectness). That said, for the CG series, the creators updated the look with the modern-day parallel, the Middle Eastern conflicts.

Those of you watching this might be wondering “Why bunnies for the Americans??? That’s not badass at all!” The whole reason is based off of Japanese wordplay between the romanization of the Japanese word for rabbit (usagi) and the English “USA GI”. Thus the Americans became bunnies.

Bunnies armed with Bushmaster ACRs and M14 Enhanced Battle Rifles. You will learn to fear the cute ones, bitches.

As of now, the series itself is being broadcast over Japan for free on YouTube, but is not yet available in the United States for whatever reason.

Enjoy it below. 🙂

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