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Left 4 Dead 2: Australian For Banned


In an interesting development, Australia has banned Left 4 Dead 2. The former prison colony failed to rate the game, which means that the game will not be release there. The main reason on why the game was banned was because the game had “high impact violence” and “the games would not be suitable for children under the ages of 18”. The Australian Classifications Board, just last year, gave the rating for Left 4 Dead MA 15+, so it begs the question: Is it banned because it was too bloody? Or because people are overreacting to games again.

EA Australia had this to say: “[We] are still working through the submission process with OFLC and want to explore all opportunities before making any comment.”

We’ll keep tabs on this and tell you of any changes from the Australian Outback. But for more info on the specifics on why it was banned go to  here

Sources: 411mania; Kotaku


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