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Le Introductiones de Wrathie


Hey everyone. I’m Wrathie, the local gamer/randomizer of GeekMontage. When DKK said that he was making a site, I called him a jackass and told him to go to hell. After several days and 20 bucks later, I decided to join up! I’m usually in the field of gaming, not an expert, but I dabble enough. Have play many-a-games in my time, through many systems and methods, so I’m well past a level of a so called newbie. If you see anything that is an oddity or of a crazy nature around the site, you can bet your losing wages that it was probably me who contributed to it. Well, that’s my little blurb, hope you all enjoy yourselves and make GeekMontage your site to be.

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  1. Comments  Foose   |  Monday, 10 August 2009 at 2:03 AM

    DKK never paid me… *swallows sadness*

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