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Newtek’s Lightwave 11 Preview



Well if you haven’t guessed, I’m a huge Lightwave fan and user.  What’s new in this version are things I’ve been expecting for years!  Instancing for creating duplicates of an object with virtual polygons and each can be independantly scaled/rotated.  Sure solves the “running out of memory” problem.  Flocking sounds like the software Massive (I think) it takes a “crowd of objects” to calculate avoidance of neighbors, target alignment, and cohesive attractions for great natural “swarming.”  Fracture and Bullet go hand and hand, Fracture in the modeller will “crack” and object for desctruction (Don’t you love using the knife/boolean tool over and over?) then the Bullet will shatter that object, much easier than using the good ol’ Collision and Hard FX nodes, eh?  For you ZBrush users, GoZ is a mimic of such program built into Lightwave, woo hoo!  Helps a HUGE amount with endomorph animation for facial expressions! FiberFX enhancements will give an object a fiber look, using volumetrics.  Python Scripting is now implemented, which is used in industry standard 3d animation software, like Maya.  Those are the highlights, and I am happy with them!  Visit the website, to read more!   I do hope that they will include a fluids engine…. Hypervoxels just don’t cut it for me (And I hate importing stuff from Realflow)   Expect this in Q4.

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