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iPhone OS 3.1/OS 3.1.1 Released


I’m a bit slow on posting this…But that’s because I don’t have an iPhone or even an iPod!

Apple has made iPhone OS 3.1 for all iPhone generations and iPhone OS 3.1.1 for all iPod touch devices available for download from its iTunes site. The huge files – some larger than 300 MB – come with numerous improvements and functions and close several security holes, some of them critical.

The new version of the iPhone OS makes recommendations for new applications based on those already installed on the device. New ring-tones are also available. Version 3.1 promises loss-free video processing. Other enhancements include improved Wi-Fi performance with active Bluetooth. The Safari browser will issue warnings when attempting to visit phishing sites and the iPhone will display credit balances for the iTunes App Store and iTunes Store.

Most of the ten security related bug fixes have to do with faults in the WebKit that allow malicious code to be injected and executed in the device when users visit certain websites. The other fixes include one for the well-known bug that lets an attacker manipulate the internal heap in an iPhone via a prepared SMS. Theoretically, that bug could be used to crash the handset or even execute arbitrary code. However, the early August 3.0.1 firmware update had already addressed that problem.

iPod touch users, who have not yet upgraded to iPhone OS 3.x will find that the price of the update has dropped to £2.99 in the iTunes Store.

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    For some reason I was given the upgrade… for FREEEEEEEE.

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