Today is Wednesday, 17th July 2024

Inspirational Quotes


I’m up kinda early, left my window open, but like, I have some inspirational quotes for the site fresh in my head, some from a dream I just had.


“If you rape a hooker, would that be shop lifting?”

“Gentlemen… what do keys do?”

“A skin doctor dreams he falls asleep in front of the television. Later, he wakes up in front of the TV, however having forgot his dream”

“If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery, then Halloween and Thanksgiving would be on the same day”

“Oh let the sun beat down upon my face.  I am a traveler in both space and time…”

“Mmm… Jill sandwich”

“Name five differences between a hammer and a gavel”


“Perhaps it was the Noid who should have avoided me…”

“you see that fire extinguisher over there?…”

“Do you wear short sleeve shirts under long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts?”

“What happens if you get a haircut then not pay?”

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