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How to Easily Calibrate a Windows 7 / Windows 8 Tablet / Vista Slate


If you have Windows 7, Windows 8, or even Windows Vista, then this is for you! It will likely not work on Windows XP, however.

Whether you have a touch screen Windows slate, or just a normal tablet notebook / laptop, you may run into issues where the accuracy is less than impressive. This in particular is a problem towards the corners and sides of screens. For me personally, it was an issue with the HP Pavilion TX 2000 series (I have the TX2500 / TX2510US), which has an awesome Wacom Digitizer for the Penabled LCD screen.

You will need to calibrate it for both Landscape and Portrait modes.

Go to START -> RUN — tabcal

Done! If that doesn’t help, then try out these predefined calibrations:

tabcal lincal novalidate XGridPts=5,175,512,849,1062,1275 YGridPts=4,137,300,463,630,796

tabcal lincal novalidate XGridPts=4,137,300,463,630,796 YGridPts=5,175,512,849,1062,1275

These helped me to improve the accuracy of my fingers on the screen AND also the accuracy of the stylus / pen. It’s a nice configuration 😉

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