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Hellgate (London) is Back to the US and Europe


Hellgate London Returns

That is right. Hellgate London has been rebooted and brought back. The title will now just be “Hellgate” and will be under a new company and publisher. Those of you might have remembered when the original company went bankrupt and was briefly kept alive by Bandai until it went down in the beginning of 2009. Those of you who don’t remember, will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Hellgate is now under the label of RedBana and is under control by HanbitSoft – a Korean company that specializes in the game industry. HabitSoft purchased the rights to the properties and launched the MMO in Korea. When HanbitSoft planned on bringing back the game to Europe and the USA, they had a long dispute with the original company – Flagship Studios. HanbitSoft was quoted stating the following in regard to the event, “Flagship Is Selfish And Irresponsible”

Now matters have been settled and HanbitSoft has control of the properties in aforementioned territories.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Hellgate London (now just called “Hellgate”) Hellgate London was a free online and single player RPG with several classes that can use a variety of weapons. Users were put in a world in 2020 that was infested with demons when the gates to hell were opened. The area? London obviously. Choose between six different unique classes and try to take back London.

Those of you who like scary games will enjoy this one. At the very least it’ll keep you entertained while waiting for the newest Diablo.

One of the better parts about Hellgate is the difference in classes. See the video below. This game can be a shooter or a standard RPG

This game was plagued with errors, but there is a great chance that HanbitSoft fixed them, as they have a huge reputation for delivering promising games such as Granada Espada.

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