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Gatling Nerf Gun Review




This puppy is a beast.  Weighing in at 6.9 pounds with a 30 round ammo belt, this thing can shoot it’s heart out with a range of 40 feet!  It takes 6 D batteries to run this, 2 for turning the barrels, and 4 to shoot the nerfs (They actually have separate circuits)  Rumor has it you can mod these sort of guns, but if you’re not careful, you’ll burn a motor out, or melt some plastic in a short amount of time.  It comes with 30 foam darts, but I bought the 100 nerf pack with the ones that stick (Ask Naota about when I watch football at his house, his TV gets covered)

-It’s automatic, no pumping required
-Range is amazing!
-WTF factor (When you ambush people with this, they’ll stare at it for like 5 seconds while the realization sinks in that its a nerf gatling gun and it does shoot)
-Durability (During a nighttime fight, this gun was hit with a plastic sword with decent force, dropped on asphalt, and used as a battering ram.  Still in one piece and functional)
-Battery life (This was involved in a four hour war, and the batteries are still good.  I’d go rechargeable though for money’s sake, or look for deals at Radio Shack)

-Loud (Easily countered by removing the batteries for turning the barrels though)
-Bulky (Can’t run too well with this)
-Rate of fire (Spits out one nerf per second, but each one shoots so gracefully with a good amount of power behind it.  Being the electrician I am, I plan to mod this feature)

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