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Game Idea: Extreme Black Jack


Ok, once again, bored in class but i did get another good game idea.  Black Jack on crack.  Basically its black jack but with more factors.  Like race has a factor on your alcohol tolerance.  This game will be more comical given that there will be a variety of voice acting, racial jokes, etc rather than artwork.  Gives other members a chance to pitch in  🙂

There’s a confidence meter that decides added winnings or increased loss when you win or lose a hand.  Alcohol increases this, and if you have a low tolerance, then this meter raises a lot.

Booze costs differently per brand as well as it’s alcohol content.

Winning and losing a hand alters your confidence meter

Ethnicity’s are

Ghana    (“Sheeet”)  Med tolerance

Indian   (“Your mother is a dog whom my father services!!”)   No tolerance

Old woman   (“YOU HAVE BOTH?  NO!!!”)   Med Tolerance

HIlly Billy American    (“Mah mother’s mah sista”)   High Tolerance

Austrailian    (“FUCKING OITIES” (italians))   high TOlerance

Asian  (“im not suuuure!!!!!!!!!”)  No tolerance

any ideas?  comment!

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