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Free Kaspersky Antivirus 2010


MSN China is giving away a free 6-month license key of Kaspersky Anti-virus 2010. For more information, visit MSN’s Chinese Website. Although its not in English, don’t worry. The steps are clearly outlined. Just click step 1, login to your Microsoft Hotmail or Live Account. After login in you will be taken to a page where you will receive a key. Go ahead and use that to activate your copy of Kaspersky. Don’t have Kaspersky? Visit their website for a free trial that can be activated.

Note: This may have expired. Other people have said that it has to be edited so you must now install the chinese version (which can be changed to english in the registry) to get it to work.

– ナオ太 (Naota)

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  1. Comments  Foose   |  Monday, 31 August 2009 at 6:49 PM

    i have a feeling Leon helped develop this, and its part of some sophisticated plot to control every computer…

  2. Comments  DarkKnightH20   |  Tuesday, 01 September 2009 at 3:48 AM

    Awesomeness. Kaspersky is one of the few AV’s I approve of. People should obtain a key ASAP before this is no longer available.

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