Today is Saturday, 13th July 2024

Free 3 Month Amazon Prime Trial


This is from Bisquick at SlickDeals and allows for Amazon users to have 3 free months of Amazon Prime, which gives users free 2-Day shipping on all qualified items. What makes this extra cool is that those who have done an Amazon Prime trial previously can partake in this one still.

1. Click here
2. Add the book to cart using the “Add to cart with free 2-day shipping” button on the right of the page (if visible)
A. If the button is not visible, simply add the book to cart
3. Login to your account, and sign up for free 3-month trial of Amazon Prime when prompted
A. If the button was not visible in (2), in cart switch to “FREE Two-Day Shipping with a free trial of Amazon Prime” shipping
B. Sign up for trial as prompted
4. Once sign up is completed, remove the book from your cart
5. Click here, log in if prompted and turn off your prime membership from automatic upgrade by clicking “Do Not Upgrade” button, and confirm your selection
6. Enjoy your free 3-month trial of Amazon Prime!

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