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Foiling Car Thieves Who Have Your Keys


For you security nuts out there, here’s one for you: if you’re afraid someone might get your keys and steal your car, then you can make and install a simple little grounding switch inside your car that’ll keep the car from starting until you ground the car by touching the little switch.

Called a “GSpot” by its designer/inventor, it makes use of a few simple off-the-shelf parts and some dedication given that the final product has to be built by hand and all that’s really available from the inventor are instructional videos and designs on how to build such a switch for the car. All that’s left is to install the device inside the car inconspicuously and in a dry place. From there, you insert the keys, touch the GSpot and then turn over the engine and off you go. If you don’t touch the GSpot or whoever has your keys doesn’t, then the engine doesn’t start.

An apparent disclaimer from the site says that touching the GSpot with a wet finger and starting the car may result in more tingle than is desired.

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