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Fix Your Beer Pong Balls!


When I read this…I immediately thought of Foose. I then proceeded to be in awe at how simple this method was to fix the dents in these little ping pong balls. Save money next time you or your frat are having a party by fixing your “old dented balls”!

Investing too much in replacement beer pong balls? Refurbish your banged-up balls with this easy fix.

Ping Pong Ball Boiling

Ping Pong Ball Boiling

We could have titled this one “fix a dented ping-pong ball”, but most people can play a round of ping pong without unleashing their Godzilla stomp on the poor ball. Beer pong is a different beast altogether. If, after a night of beer pong and bad steps, you’ve got a cup full of dented ping pong balls, you can bring them back to life with a couple simple tricks.

The first trick, pictured above, is to boil a pot of water and place the balls into the boiling water for about 10 seconds to pop the dents out. The other version of the trick involves a lighter. Since, as Wired points out, ping pong balls are made of nitrocellulose which burns easily we’re going to suggest sticking with the boiling version for the sake of safety.

Source: Lifehacker

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  1. Comments  Foose   |  Monday, 12 October 2009 at 5:27 PM

    Godzilla stomp? that happens a lot with me in beer pong.

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