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Darth Vader comes to Garmin GPS, you will obey the Sith Lord’s directions

“Your journey to the Dark Side is nearly complete.” That’s what you’ll hear from the voice of Darth Vader as you’re driving in your car to your in-law’s house. Okay, so whether or not you’re looking forward to your destination, Darth Vader doesn’t care. He’ll guide you on your way as the new voice for Garmin’s range of personal navigation devices.

Darth Vader is the first Star Wars character to be offered by Garmin, but Yoda is on his way to your car’s GPS too. In addition to Darth’s signature heavy breathing and his threatening commentary, the voice also includes original Star Wars sound effects, like TIE fighters and lightsabers. John Williams’ Imperial March music plays when you reach your destination. If you’re about to hit traffic, Darth will warn you buy saying: “Traffic ahead. The emperor has foreseen it.”

You’ll be sure to follow directions with Darth guiding you. If you steer off course, he’ll say “Proceed as indicated, don’t make me destroy you.” Yes, Lord Vader, whatever you say. If you do end up going the wrong way, Darth will tell you to turn around when possible as he “finds your lack of faith disturbing.” If you remember, Darth originally said this in Episode IV when one officer bashes the Force and Vader practically chokes the guy to death.

As for the upcoming Yoda voice, you can count on his strange characteristic speech patterns, along with dialogue from Obi-Wan Kenobi taken straight from the films. Honestly, if you could have one person (or creature) in the world guide you safely to your destination, wouldn’t you want it to be Yoda?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Star Wars character voices on GPS, though. TomTom was ahead of the game and released Darth Vader, C-3PO, Yoda, and Han Solo starting back in May of 2010.

The Vader voice is available for $12.99 from,, and Best Buy stores.

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