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Daily Digest March 3, 2010



      Windows 7 sells 90 million copies in first four months

      If you see pictures of Steve Ballmer wearing a huge grin across his face, he’s probably thinking about Windows 7. Since its release on October 22nd last year, Microsoft’s latest operating system has sold 90 million copies.
      Peter Klein, Microsoft’s chief financial officer, made the announcement during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference yesterday.
      Such […]

      Super Talent announce USB 3.0 encrypted SuperCrypt flash drive

      Super Talent, the California based memory manufacturer and distributor, has announced a new, encrypted USB 3.0 flash drive.
      The SuperCrypt drive supports AES hardware encryption with two options, and is supported by the STT encryption utility for passwords. Option one comes in the form of 128-bit ECB encryption on standard SuperCrypt drives. Option two is 256-bit […]

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