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Daily Digest March 15, 2010



      100 Games Cupcake Game reminds us of some of our favorite pastimes

      On, we have come across a few pastries from time to time that pay homage to video games. Some were truly creative while others unfortunately, were not so much. But this creative idea truly takes the cupcake (excuse the pun).
      Creative designer, Robin Dahlberg, wanted to do something special in order to celebrate her home’s […]

      Microsoft gives Apple’s legal fight against HTC thumbs-up

      Apple and Microsoft are cozying up to each other more closely than meets the eye. In case you didn’t notice, Microsoft’s chief Steve Ballmer recently praised the App Store and was spotted autographing a student’s MacBook. In addition, Apple is expected to publicly give Google a black eye by putting Bing as default search engine […]

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