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Daily Digest March 13, 2010



      Will the iPad’s text-to-voice eBook feature cause issues with book publishers?

      A few previously unknown details have emerged in the wake of yesterdays’ iPad pre-order frenzy, but this might be the iPad killer feature that causes Apple the most trouble: according to Apple’s own documentation, the iPad will happily read all ePub format eBooks outloud to you, if you want it to.
      Under a heading on the […]

      Verizon Wireless and Casio team-up to release nigh-invulnerable G’zOne Brigade

      You only need to take one look at Verizon Wireless and Casio’s latest mobile phone to know it’s not aimed at Facebooking teenagers, Foursquaring metrosexuals or sleek businessmen: the Casio G’zOne Brigade Cellphone is a shockproof, water resistant handset aimed at business customers heavily involved in industries like construction, public safety and utilities.
      It really […]

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