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Daily Digest January 27, 2010



      Steve Jobs in 2004: Cellphone is the new tablet

      We’ve dug up this one from Internet archives dating six years in the past, when Apple’s CEO sat with famous Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg to publicly discuss all things Apple as part of the 2004 All Things Digital conference. When the columnists pressed Jobs to come clean about on-going rumors that Apple is […]

      Watch Apple’s iPad video and decide if it’s the tablet for you

      Ive, Schiller, Forstall… it must be Apple’s official iPad video.
      If the specs and pictures aren’t enough, then this video should help you figure out if you want an iPad or not. You have 60 days to save up the $499 (or as much as $829) if you think you need an over-sized iPod touch.

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