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Daily Digest January 19, 2010



      4G iPhone: Multitasking, gestures galore, new maps, cloud iTunes

      Thanks to a new iPhone OS 4.0, the fourth-gen iPhone might multitask, run cutting-edge maps, and overlay useful information about nearby buildings on top of live video. You might be able to interact with it using a bunch of new multitouch gestures, stream your media off the cloud, and more.
      New pieces of information regarding the […]

      Apple’s tablet could double as a digital textbook

      HarperCollins’ digitally enhanced books could debut alongside an Apple tablet which might disrupt not only the publishing industry, but education as well.
      “People familiar with the situation” informed the Wall Street Journal that HarperCollins is in talks with Apple over making its books available in the digital form for the iSlate tablet believed to launch January […]

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