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Daily Digest January 11, 2010



      CTA Digital showcases new Wii and PS3 gun controllers at CES

      For some gamers, using a standard controller is just unthinkable, so a gun controller is exactly what they need in order to get more enjoyment out of those titles. With that in mind, CTA Digital unveiled a couple of new gun controllers at CES.
      The new gun controllers are for the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3. Both are being touted […]

      Microsoft’s terrible Office 2010 thriller ad

      This Microsoft Office 2010: The Movie advertisement is so bad that it’s worth watching. Well, it’s not Gates-Seinfeld bad, but it’s pretty miserable given the sort of budget that probably went into it.
      The ad turns Office 2010 in a action movie and is supposed to be a trailer for that movie. While I appreciated how […]

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