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Daily Digest January 10, 2010



      Taser use shocking method to get noticed at CES

      CES is a busy event and when you have launches like the Nexus One, Tegra 2, and Intel Wi-Di, it’s tough to get noticed. ioSafe managed it by burning, drowning, dropping, and crushing one of their new hard drives. Taser on the other hand, used a method they know very well – taking people down […]

      Capcom shows off Mega Man 10 at CES

      For many gamers the release of Mega Man 9 was a nice trip down memory lane, but also an excellent next entry in the series. With that success behind us it was inevitable Capcom would continue and produce a Mega Man 10.
      What you may not have expected was Capcom using CES to show off the […]

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